Senior Financial Advisor

New York City - Westport, CT - Madison, CT
Senior financial advisor with 15+ years of experience seeking an entrepreneurial partnership with a pedigreed, independent wealth management firm. Must demonstrate a commitment to the fiduciary standard and alignment of beliefs: client first, ethically focused, collaborative and committed to growth. Candidate must currently manage an established client base for partnership consideration. Following designations preferred: CFP, CFA, CPA, CIMA, MBA
  1. Private Wealth Advisor
  2. Partner
Employment type
  1. Full time
Job responsibility
  1. Investment Advisory and Guidance
  2. Financial Planning
  3. Client Management
  4. Business Development
  1. Investing
  2. Financial Analysis
  3. Financial Planning
  4. Sales
  5. Relationship Management
Level of education
  1. Bachelor Degree

To apply for this position or make an inquiry, please reach out to Sammantha Kaufman-Jones at the following email: skaufman@brentonpoint.com


Why Brenton Point?

We provide wealth advisors with the platform, knowledge, tools and partnership to help them grow and serve their clients.


  • Partner model
  • Fiduciary standard
  • Growth culture
  • Platform leverage
  • Best practice collaboration
  • Succession planning


  • Integrated CRM, Custody, Performance reporting system
  • Financial planning software
  • In-house investment guidance
  • Independent investment offering
  • Manager research & due diligence
  • Market data and analytics
  • On-line advisor & client access


  • Knowledge and access
  • Internal team of market strategists
  • 4 decades of market model expertise
  • Investment advisory committee counsel
  • Asset allocation guidance
  • Monthly research & ratings
  • Investment and operational due diligence capabilities for mutual funds, SMAs and alternative investments


  • Business Develpoment
  • Branding
  • Digital content development
  • Marketing collateral creation
  • Client lead generation
  • Event planning
  • Client meeting prep


  • Integrated technology platform
  • Cyber security
  • System architecture and implementation
  • Business intelligence: analytics & metrics
  • Technology support

Legal / Regulatory

  • In-house compliance
  • SEC advice & guidancev
  • Regulatory monitoring
  • Compliance framework
  • Examination oversight
  • In-house legal counsel


  • Custodian and vendor management
  • Enterprise pricing
  • Operation support
  • Workflow integration
  • Client billing


  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Talent management & recruiting
  • Organizational support

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